About us

Funeral Home „CARCADIA”

Our funeral home was established with the aim of guaranteeing our customers the highest quality of service, never experienced in Poland so far. When building the house we were guided by the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years of working in the funeral industry. We know perfectly well the needs of our customers and we know that organising the burial of a loved one is extremely stressful, which is why we have decided to provide mourners with maximum comfort and convenience.

The rooms of Carcadia Funeral Home have been prepared with the customer in mind and are fully at your disposal – including two chapels, a cafeteria, and a room for consolations. A sense of privacy, intimacy and tranquillity is guaranteed. Our experienced, professional personnel is ready to provide you with help at any time.

We treat each order entrusted to us individually. We are at your service 24 hours a day, accepting orders, providing formal and legal advice and offering advice, knowledge and experience.