Using our many years of experience, we have prepared sets of documents especially for you. They are necessary to start procedures related to transportation of the body to Poland. All documents are in one file, ready to download below. Documents are available for download in three language versions: Polish, English and German. Please complete them accurately and meticulously. If in doubt, please contact us at (44) 633 05 81, we will help you fill in all the necessary forms together.

If you need assistance in German, we have translators at +48 695 870 323 and English +48 661 606 788.

Documents necessary for transport of the body or ashes

This is a list of documents which we will have to arrange on your behalf in order to transport the deceased to Poland smoothly.


  • A permit from the district governor or city mayor’s office competent for the place of burial, allowing the body to be transported from Germany to Poland and buried in the localcemetery,
  • Death certificate (STERBEURKUNDE, AUSZUG AUS DEM STERBEEINTRAG), or certificate from the competent civil-status authority stating that it has not been possible to issue such a certificate (BESCHEINIGUNG ÜBER ZURÜCKSTELLUNG EINER STERBEURKUNDE),
  • Permission to bring a body from Germany (Leichenpass). In the case of cremation, a cremation certificate (Einäscherungsbescheinigung) must be presented instead of an authorisation to transport the body,
  • Medical certificate on the cause of death (ärztliche Bescheinigung über die Todesursache / Todesbescheinigung) indicating that the person did not die of an infectious disease.


  • A permit for transporting the deceased from the Netherlands to Poland, issued by the district or municipal authority responsible for the cemetery,
  • Authorisation from the municipality administration in the Netherlands, competent for the place of death, for the transportation of the body from Dutch territory to Poland. (LAISSER-PASSER VOOR LIJKEN or LIJKEN-PASS),
  • Certificate issued by an official of a Dutch municipality in whose presence a body has been deposited in a metal insert in a funeral home or a hospital dissecting room (GENEESKUNDIGE VERKLARING),
  • Death certificate or medical certificate stating the date, place and cause of death (MEDISCHE VERKLARING),
  • Death certificate issued on an international form by the Dutch registry office. This document is called: UITTREKSEL UIT DE OVERLIJDENSATE.


  • Permission from the district or city mayor to whom the cemetery is subordinate to transport the body or ashes from Belgium and bury them in Poland,
  • A medical certificate excluding infectious disease as the cause of death,
  • Ordinary death certificate or international death certificate form,
  • Authorisation from the Belgian authorities to bury the body (permis d’inhumer),
  • Certificate from the local authorities that the body was placed in a metal coffin,
  • Certificate of the local authorities authorising export of the body from Belgium (laisser-passer mortuaire).