Documents necessary for transport of the body or ashes


  • A permit from the district governor or city mayor’s office competent for the place of burial, allowing the body to be transported from Germany to Poland and buried in the localcemetery,
  • Death certificate (STERBEURKUNDE, AUSZUG AUS DEM STERBEEINTRAG), or certificate from the competent civil-status authority stating that it has not been possible to issue such a certificate (BESCHEINIGUNG ÜBER ZURÜCKSTELLUNG EINER STERBEURKUNDE),
  • Permission to bring a body from Germany (Leichenpass). In the case of cremation, a cremation certificate (Einäscherungsbescheinigung) must be presented instead of an authorisation to transport the body,
  • Medical certificate on the cause of death (ärztliche Bescheinigung über die Todesursache / Todesbescheinigung) indicating that the person did not die of an infectious disease.


  • A permit for transporting the deceased from the Netherlands to Poland, issued by the district or municipal authority responsible for the cemetery,
  • Authorisation from the municipality administration in the Netherlands, competent for the place of death, for the transportation of the body from Dutch territory to Poland. (LAISSER-PASSER VOOR LIJKEN or LIJKEN-PASS),
  • Certificate issued by an official of a Dutch municipality in whose presence a body has been deposited in a metal insert in a funeral home or a hospital dissecting room (GENEESKUNDIGE VERKLARING),
  • Death certificate or medical certificate stating the date, place and cause of death (MEDISCHE VERKLARING),
  • Death certificate issued on an international form by the Dutch registry office. This document is called: UITTREKSEL UIT DE OVERLIJDENSATE.


  • Permission from the district or city mayor to whom the cemetery is subordinate to transport the body or ashes from Belgium and bury them in Poland,
  • A medical certificate excluding infectious disease as the cause of death,
  • Ordinary death certificate or international death certificate form,
  • Authorisation from the Belgian authorities to bury the body (permis d’inhumer),
  • Certificate from the local authorities that the body was placed in a metal coffin,
  • Certificate of the local authorities authorising export of the body from Belgium (laisser-passer mortuaire).